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Praying and Motivating One Another

For Sisters Praying For Sisters, life has always been centered around the power of prayer. But it wasn’t until discovering their spiritual gifts and talents that God was able to use them and create a clear path for spiritual growth and development. Dedicated to making a difference through prayer, Sisters Praying For Sisters has raised awareness of the importance of putting God first, not only for individuals, but for small groups and communities to come together and utilize the power of unity.

We also conduct morning prayer daily from 6:15 am - 6:45 am. We would love to have you, you may just listen in, or request to pray. Please feel free to join us by sending a request on our contact page. You may also submit a prayer request there as well. 

In late "2018" we look to start our Rita Johnson scholarships, in honor of our beloved member who passed after fighting a good fight with her battle of cancer, with a true display of faith and courage from God. Continue to visit our website for future updates. 

Coming Events

MEET AND GREET:  At The Cenacle Coffee & Bistro 2844 Veterans Memorial Hwy SW, Austell, GA 30168. March 2, 2019 from 1 - 3 PM.  Join Sisters Praying For Sisters, as we put a face to our prayer warriors. Just an opportunity to get to fellowship, and enjoy some coffee and conversation as we meet and encourage one another. see you there. https://www.thecenaclecoffee.com/

SERMON: Preached by our very own Arline at New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church on July 8, 2018 from 2pm - 4pm. Located at 1251 Villa Rica Rd. Marietta, GA 30064. Please join us as we receive a Word from the Lord. 

ENCOURAGING ENTREPRENEURS : Sisters Praying For Sisters has partnered with Lets Face It to put on a faith based conference to encourage others with special guest entrepreneurs sharing how their faith and passions led to their purpose and directed them to their chosen businesses/professions. Together we see what's right in front of us, and share with one another to fulfil Gods purpose in our lives individually and corporately.  STAY TUNED FOR DATES AND TIMES! 

Real testimonials

Sis. Arlene is an awesome woman of God, who is obedient to God.  In so, He has blessed her with a wonderful weekday prayer line. I look forward to being on the line and praying with and listening to powerful prayer warriors.   Not only do we pray one for another, scriptures are shared that help us through the day and life challenges.  Prayers are answered, and as we wait for other prayers to be answered we give God all the Glory!

May God Continue to Bless My Tribal Queen

Theresa Rounds

I like community, combined forces and sisterhood in general. I realized the power that a sisterhood has quite a few years ago when I joined a group of ladies to run @ 5 am most week day mornings. But there was an element missing. I was working on the physical man but the spiritual man was suffering. As much as I ran and fast as I ran and as far as I ran, there was nothing to satiate the spiritual side of me that was longing to connect with like minds to pray, hear from God in the early mornings and just praise an all true God at the beginning of my day, that is until Sister Arline sat behind me in church and gave me a tiny piece of paper with a number on it and the written words "prayer line". She went on to tell me about the call and what Sister Arline didn't know is that I'd just prayed and asked God to guide and direct me to a prayer line. As people say, "look at God". Since joining the call, I feel centered as my day begins and I know that I can tackle the things that await me. I can receive a text from Sister Arline that gives voice to what God is telling me. With Sister Arline and Sisters Praying for Sisters, I have someone in my address and someone in my phone that I can reach out and share a God ordained moment with and I know because of it, I am all the better for having done so. 

Thanks for reading, 

Kimberly Davis


I have known Arline all my life. She became a mentor to me 11 years ago. She always knew when something was wrong and always had a word from GOD. When she started Sisters Praying For Sisters, she had no clue how many people around the country she would inspire and help. When she says she'll pray for you she means it. She keeps whatever you share with her to herself. She is a friend and sister! I thank her for being in my life and always supportive and good advisor. 
Zena Bates

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